an original charcoal drawing of a black labrador headshot
black labrador close up showing eyes of a charcoal original drawing
black labrador face close up in original charcoal drawing by uk pet artist

Black Prince


Original Drawing

Drawing a black faced dog is always a challenge that is well worth it as they are stunningly handsome.  The patient but intelligent look on this chap's face is reassuring for his calm serenity.  I have drawn him in various forms of charcoal; nitram, willow and charcoal pencils.  The size is 20cm x 30cm drawn on Arches aquarelle smooth watercolour paper.  The completed piece is mounted in a white acid free with a back board.  The external size of the mount is 30 x 40 cm which will fit easily into any frame of that size (the original artwork is not framed).

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